Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working with Motor Clubs

I've read some post on other blogs that Service Providers are unhappy with the motor clubs they are working with.  These are the Motor Clubs we work with:

Auto Helpline
Cross Country
Quest Towing

Call Charley  has not had any problems with these motor clubs. The customer service from these clubs are pretty good and they pay us on time.


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  2. Thank you so much! You were prompt and courteous. I'm really pleased with your patience and professionalism when dealing with my car. BMWs are very difficult to unlock when the alarm system is on. But you were patient and persistent and did not damage my car. Because of your diligence and temperament, passersby asked for your card. Even they noted how you conducted the service. It was a blessing that you were sent when I called. Thank you. I would definitely use callcharley again!

  3. I was quite pleased with the service you provided. If I'm ever in need of roadside assistance again, I will gladly contact your services.

    Thanks again.

    -Kip McCoy

  4. To Whom It May Concern,
    I really had a wonderful experience working with your company. I drive a BMW, my tire went out and I did not have a spare. I called roadside assistance and the owner of your company came out to help us. He first went to buy us a tire then came back to put it on our car. His attitude was great, the service was wonderful. Working with him was one of the best expressions of customer service my wife and I have ever had. We really appreciate what he did for us that day. I highly recommend your services. Thank you again.

  5. Call Charley is an excellent lock out service, and they were very prompt and on time, very courteous and I would recommend them to anyone.......God Bless and May the Business continue to grow.....Ms. English

  6. Road assistance is awesome, truly a savior in times of roadside trouble.

    Towing Ottawa ON